One of the more common diagnosis (Dx) for children under 10 year old is ADHD. Up to 7% of child in the U.S.A. are Dx with this every year. Half of these child will carry this Dx into their adulthood as they grow up. The cause of ADHD is unkown. There has been research to indicate that the neurochemical pathways within the brain have been off balance with either the dopamine, adrenergic serotoninergic and cholinergic neurochemicals. The area of involvement that is stressed in ADHD children is the frontal lobe of the brain and the cerebellum. This is the area just behind the forehead where critical thinking, attention, memory, & the ability to distinguish what is best (choosing) is located at. Most treatments involve something to help speed up or slow down activity within the brain. There have also been steps to promote better lifestyle such as what environment they live in and what they even eat ect***. These extra steps will help alter brain activity in a favorable matter which is natural.

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So can chiropractic help? Sure. Chiropractic adjustments due in fact influence the nervous system. Anyone who receives a chiropractic adjustment affects their health to the extent at least to the nervous system. Chiropractic can not cure any one particular disease. But with this condition, knowing the physiology, parents can make a better decision knowing that it can help & assist their child in the right direction.

***Dietal recommendations:

Limit food dyes, sugar, preservatives, and additives from the diet

Limit foods with as few pesticides or herbicides as possible.

Limit dairy and gluten.

Stop using pesticide sprays in the house.

As much as possible: avoid taking medications, nicotine, alcohol in pregnancy that may harm the fetus.

Limit stresses before and after child birth.