Immune System

In 1918 the chiropractic profession was still developing its art and science to be a viable way of giving health care. At the same time the epidemic of the influenza virus was also having a major impact on the world. Some have suggested that due to this epidemic it helped the chiropractic profession from ceasing to exist. How could chiropractic affect the immune system?


From the vantage point of looking back to that time to almost 100 years ago in the chiropractic profession we can now understand why an adjustment had an influence. It is because the nervous system and the immune system and even the endocrine system work together with special chemical signaling molecules. The molecules involved from a chiropractic adjustment in the immune system are interleukin – 2, CD4+ T-Cells (type of white blood cell), phagocytes, neutrophils, basophils, & eosinophils. In the endocrine system the molecules are nora epinephrine, adrenaline, and cortisol. It is important to know how the chemical signaling works with each molecule but to just know that it is influenced with a chiropractic adjustment is an awesome phenomenon. Each immune or endocrine chemical molecule working by themselves can make a sound but working together as research has pointed out they make an ochrestral noise of detail and balance that is beautiful and amazing steering the network within the body performing its innate work for us to survive.