Have you ever heard of something called inflammation?

This response is good and is the bodies first line of defense to defend itself from infection by killing off any pathogens. Pain, redness, heat, swelling, & loss of function are all signs of inflammation that you may have experienced before. For the most part, inflammation is a vascular response that the body takes to protect itself due to pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. Again…..inflammation is good for a short period of time!

On the flip side of this great benefit of the bodies innate immunity is if it lasts too long. Chronic inflammation is bad and has been suggested to limit the bodies ability to function properly.

Below is a diagram detailing what can be effected & why long lasting inflammation is not good!!!


From a nutritional stand point there are certain steps that one can take to reduce inflammation naturally in the body.

In general a typical diet consists of calories that derives from:

The cause and influence of increasing pain by eating certain foods:

Foods with linoleic acid (various oils, grains, and packaged foods described above in the 20% chart) can eventually turn into a prostaglandin E2. This molecule, prostaglandin E2, is the chemical that puts the body to a closer threshhold in the nervous system which communicates to the brain that there is pain.

Nutritional experts recommend that the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio should be 1:1 to 1:4. If there is an imbalance of these fatty acids in your diet it will cause inflammation.

Omega-3 dense foods include:

Green leafy vegetables, flax seed, olive oil, hemp seed, seafood & fish oil

Supplements that limit inflammation:




Ginger & Turmeric

B Vitamins

Taking small steps in the right direction will help you reach your goal!!