Mansfield, Ohio Auto-Accident

Have you ever been in a Minor Auto Accident?

Auto accidents, even a minor one, can alter your health. Effects that it can have may not be felt until later. These problems may not be seen for weeks, months and even years. Do not let it go too late to prevent your greatest asset – your health from being stolen from you .

All the vital functions for your whole body traverse through your upper neck down to the rest of your body. These mental impulses deliver and receive information so you can function at your best. This part of your spine just happens to be the most delicate too. Consider for a moment that the the average head weighs 10lbs and is supported by 7 bones with over 32 joints making it to be easily stretched or injured if displaced in any one direction.

Checklist: Do you have any of these listed?

After the Auto Accident-Symptoms

Migraine Headaches

Stiff or painful neck


Painful joints

Muscle spasm

Numbness in hands or feet


Back pain

Muscle swelling

Double vision

A chiropractic re-alignment may be a better choice for natural recovery versus masking the symptoms. You deserve the best! Choose Health!!! Dr. Olar is a Mansfield, Ohio chiropractor that can help you after an auto accident with chiropractic care.

About This Page: Mansfield, Ohio chiropractor Dr. Olar can assist you with care if you have been in an auto accident.